LEGO Disney Wish: King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 Building Toy Set – Inspiring Imaginative Play for Kids 7 and Up


Get ready to embark on a magical adventure with the LEGO Disney Wish: King Magnifico’s Castle Building Toy Set! This collectible set is perfect for kids ages 7 and up who love the Disney movie and enjoy pretending and creating their own stories. With its intriguing details, 4 levels of play, and 4 fun characters, this set will keep kids entertained for hours. Don’t miss out on the chance to inspire imagination and unlock the mysteries of King Magnifico’s Castle. Get your LEGO Disney Wish set today!



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Introducing the LEGO Disney Wish: King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 Building Toy Set! Perfect for kids ages 7 and up, this collectible set allows children to recreate their favorite scenes from The Disney Movie and immerse themselves in a world of imagination and adventure.
Featuring the majestic King Magnifico’s Castle, this set includes everything needed to bring the magic to life. With its intricate details and vibrant colors, the castle stands tall as a symbol of power and grandeur. Kids will love exploring its rooms, uncovering hidden treasures, and defending it from any potential threats.
Measuring at 14.88 x 13.94 x 2.78 inches and weighing just 2.05 pounds, this LEGO set is designed to provide hours of fun and entertainment. The item model number 6427589 ensures that you have the correct product, and the manufacturer recommended age of 7 years and up ensures that it is suitable for a wide range of children.
What sets this LEGO set apart is its ability to inspire pretend play and storytelling. With its versatility, kids can create their own narratives, invent new characters, and bring their wildest dreams to life. It is the perfect toy for sparking creativity and encouraging imaginative thinking.
The LEGO Disney Wish: King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 Building Toy Set is set to be released on October 1, 2023. As a genuine LEGO product, you can trust in its quality and durability. LEGO has been a well-respected manufacturer for years and continues to produce toys that combine fun, creativity, and educational value.
Let your child’s imagination soar with this exceptional LEGO set. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with King Magnifico’s Castle and create memories that will last a lifetime. Order yours today and watch as your child’s creativity comes to life!

Specification: LEGO Disney Wish: King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 Building Toy Set – Inspiring Imaginative Play for Kids 7 and Up

Product Dimensions

14.88 x 13.94 x 2.78 inches

Item Weight

2.05 pounds

Item model number


Release date

October 1, 2023



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  1. Dreamer

    LEGOs have always been a source of pure joy, even if the accompanying movie isn’t the best. This particular build lives up to that expectation – it’s fun, quick, vibrant, and packed with intricate details. It took us a few evenings to complete it, dedicating about an hour each night. The build is divided into four main sections, which makes it easy to pause and continue later. Plus, each section comes with a mini-figure character for added playtime while constructing. Overall, this LEGO set is thoughtfully designed with kids in mind. There are numerous delightful features, such as shiny stickers, miniature cakes, baguettes and pies inside the oven, beautiful flowers and vines, and even an opening book of spells. Many doors and pieces can be opened and closed, adding to the interactive play experience. I particularly loved how easy it is to engage in imaginative play with this set. Some LEGOs are meant purely for display, but my daughter has spent hours playing with this set, and it has held up well without falling apart. The sections are structurally sound, except for the somewhat loose white/blue turrets at the front. They have a single nub underneath for rotating them to form a diamond shape, but we found ourselves knocking them off frequently. To solve this, we removed the gold disk underneath and connected all four nubs in a square configuration, which proved to be sturdier. I highly recommend this set as a fantastic gift option for kids, even if they aren’t fans of the movie. With a little guidance and assistance with the stickers, a 4.5-year-old was able to assemble it with ease.

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  2. AJ ☯️💟🕉️

    I can already picture this item flying off the shelves this Christmas! Since my children are older now, we’ve decided to gift it to one of their younger cousins. She’s a huge fan of Lego and has a unique blend of interests – she’s a bit of a tomboy but also enjoys girly things. That’s why I’m confident she’ll absolutely adore this castle!
    The set includes four characters – Asha, King Magnifico, Dahlia, and Star – and it’s designed with four different levels to cater to different age groups, ensuring she can grow and play with it for years to come. From the kitchen and bakery to the fireplace with pots and pans, and even a small oven, this castle is packed with fun features. My daughter was especially impressed with the mirrored closet that opens up to reveal a hidden space – such a cool detail!
    I can already imagine my niece spending countless hours immersed in play with this castle and its charming characters.

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  3. Charlene Green

    I had a great experience with this Lego set featuring the palace from Disney’s latest animated movie, Wish. It encompasses all the classic elements and superior quality that Lego is known for. The set includes a clear and easy-to-follow instruction manual, enabling kids of all ages to confidently build their masterpiece.
    What I really admire about this set are the captivating colors. The combination of white, gold, and turquoise creates a stunning castle that is equally delightful to display and play with. Moreover, this set is designed in a way that allows you to add other Lego builds from the Wish series, enabling you to create a breathtaking display or an extraordinary playtime adventure – the choice is yours.
    The castle’s interior is impressive for both display and play purposes. It features exciting elements such as a kitchen, fireplace, secret hideaway, and even a secret laboratory! Additionally, four Disney character mini-dolls are included for extended playtime enjoyment. However, there is one aspect I wasn’t particularly fond of – the use of stickers instead of printed bricks. Given the price range of this set, I believe printed bricks should have been included, especially considering its target audience of children. Applying and positioning stickers can be frustrating for children, as my kids often complained. Nevertheless, this minor drawback aside, the overall design of the set is fantastic, and it will undoubtedly bring satisfaction to Lego fans of all ages, whether they are purchasing it for themselves or as a gift.

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  4. Dreamer

    This Lego set is absolutely amazing! We decided to get this Lego set as a Christmas gift for our son this year. He is a huge Lego fan and was super thrilled about the Wish movie, so we thought this set would be the perfect present after watching the exciting Thanksgiving movie at the theaters. What makes this Lego set so cool is that it’s like a real play set. It comes with four characters and even includes the king’s castle. Our son absolutely loves toys that are based on movies, especially figures and play sets, so this Lego set is a big win for both us and him! With 613 pieces, it’s a good-sized set that offers plenty of building fun. Overall, it’s an awesome play set that provides a wonderful and exciting activity for the whole family to enjoy together. And I must admit, once it’s built, it also offers a little quiet time for me and my husband to snuggle while our son happily plays with his new, incredible Lego set.

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  5. Katie

    The product appears exactly as advertised on the box. It was enjoyable and straightforward to assemble, providing a satisfying level of difficulty for my niece. Engaging in this activity was a great experience, and the Lego brand certainly lived up to its reputation. The final result turned out to be incredibly adorable.

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    LEGO Disney Wish: King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 Building Toy Set – Inspiring Imaginative Play for Kids 7 and Up
    LEGO Disney Wish: King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 Building Toy Set – Inspiring Imaginative Play for Kids 7 and Up

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