Lego Harry Potter: The Ultimate Test (4702)


Get ready to embark on the ultimate adventure with LEGO Harry Potter: The Final Challenge (4702)! Join Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they face off against Voldemort in the epic battle for Hogwarts. Build the magical castle, cast spells, and unlock the mysteries of the wizarding world. Don’t miss out on this thrilling LEGO set – click here to experience the magic today!



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Experience the magic and adventure of the beloved Harry Potter series with Lego Harry Potter: The Final Challenge (4702). This highly detailed Lego set allows fans of all ages to recreate the thrilling final challenge from the iconic story.
With its compact dimensions of 7.5 x 5.7 x 2 inches and a lightweight design of 5.6 ounces, this Lego set is easy to transport and perfect for on-the-go play. The item model number 5702012016608 ensures authenticity and quality.
Recommended for ages 10 years and up, this Lego set offers a challenging build and countless hours of imaginative play. Each piece is meticulously designed and connects easily to create a stunning representation of the final challenge. Whether you’re a young wizard or a seasoned collector, this set is sure to impress.
Lego, a trusted manufacturer renowned for its attention to detail and commitment to excellence, ensures that this product is of high quality and built to last. The item is not discontinued, guaranteeing that you can add it to your Lego Harry Potter collection without any worries.
Immerse yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter and relive the exhilarating final challenge with Lego Harry Potter: The Final Challenge (4702). It’s time to let your imagination take flight and create your own magical adventures.

Specification: Lego Harry Potter: The Ultimate Test (4702)

Product Dimensions

7.5 x 5.7 x 2 inches

Item Weight

5.6 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




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  1. Amazon Customer

    A few years ago, when LEGO acquired the rights to Star Wars, I couldn’t have been happier. Some die-hard LEGO fans may argue that this collaboration has led to a decline in the quality of LEGO toys, but personally, I disagree. I thought it couldn’t get any better than that. And then came the Harry Potter LEGO sets. Starting in September, the world of the boy wizard and his friends and foes came to life in plastic form through a variety of toys, including stuffed animals, action figures from Mattel, and of course, Harry Potter LEGO sets.
    If you’re looking to buy some Harry Potter merchandise for your kids, I highly recommend going for the LEGO sets. They offer much more play value compared to other toys flooding the market just in time for Christmas.
    A word of caution: if you haven’t read the first Harry Potter book, this review may contain spoilers, so proceed at your own risk!
    The particular LEGO set I’m reviewing is one of the smaller ones, but don’t let that fool you. It comes with some important and incredibly fun pieces. Priced at ten dollars, this set includes 60 pieces and is the only way to get a Lord Voldemort minifigure. Whether you’re familiar with the books and movies or not, this little set is crucial not just to the story in question, but to all future adventures of Harry Potter. And it’s only ten bucks!
    This set represents a section of Hogwarts, the school attended by Harry and his friends. Within this room, there is a magical mirror known as the Mirror of Erised. The mirror possesses the power to reveal one’s deepest desires. For Harry, his fondest dream is to see his deceased parents alive and well, as he was orphaned by Lord Voldemort when he was just a baby. The mirror also conceals a secret chamber or revolving wall (I’m not quite sure how to describe it!) that hides the Sorcerer’s Stone. I haven’t come across these hidden panels before, but from what I understand, the Hogwarts LEGO set is filled with them and they certainly add an exciting element to the play experience.
    The minifigures included in this set are Harry Potter himself and Professor Quirrell. Harry is dressed in his Gryffindor house robes and comes equipped with a magic wand. He also dons a black cloak with white stars printed on the inside, which looks really cool. His facial expression deviates slightly from the typical LEGO smiley face, featuring his trademark round spectacles and a small lightning-shaped scar above his eye. Additionally, his hair is a new piece that accurately resembles his appearance in the movies.
    Professor Quirrell, on the other hand, is wearing a purple turban along with his teaching robes, as he’s a Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. His face bears a somewhat disturbed or constipated expression. The reason for this peculiar look becomes evident when you remove the turban to reveal…the serpentine face of Lord Voldemort on the back of Quirrell’s head!
    So, this set truly represents the final challenge where Harry confronts Voldemort. Whether it’s your children or even yourself, you’ll definitely want to add this set to complete Harry’s adventures and challenges. Besides the fantastic swinging panel I mentioned earlier, this set also includes some cool pieces like a castle turret, a black owl, a bat, a spider web, a spider, and some torches. It seamlessly fits in with other castle sets from the world of Harry Potter or stands alone perfectly.
    This was the first Harry Potter LEGO set I purchased, and I loved it so much that I ended up buying many more. Not every product with the Harry Potter label is worth recommending, but these LEGO sets are an absolute must-have.

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  2. AJ Mayers

    This set, with 60 pieces and item number 4702, is a must-have for any Harry Potter fan. It is the culmination of Harry’s adventures, featuring the final challenge. Despite its small size, the set is reasonably priced and can be easily assembled in about 10 minutes using the clear picture instructions provided. What sets this apart from other sets is the inclusion of Professor Quirrell/Voldemort. The figure of Professor Quirrell is particularly impressive as his purple turban can be removed to reveal Lord Voldemort hiding behind his head. Voldemort’s face is highly detailed, with red snake-like eyes, a slitted nose, and a thin mouth. I especially appreciate the green tear-like lines down his eyes. The Harry Potter figure is also well-designed, although I have noticed a slight discrepancy in the placement of his scar compared to the Hogwarts Castle set. Nonetheless, this is my favorite little Lego set and I highly recommend it. The set also includes the Mirror of Erised, which creates the illusion of Harry holding the Blood red stone: The Sorcerer’s Stone. The stone resembles the Hogwarts Castle stones, but in red and with the appearance of a diamond. Speaking of which, in the castle set, there are four stones in different colors: violet, blue, yellow, and aqua. They resemble the Sorcerer’s Stone from the Final Challenge set, with the only difference being the color. The Final Challenge set includes an additional Sorcerer’s Stone, so you get a total of two in the set. The main model also features a web in front of it with an orange spider, although I’m not sure why it’s there. This set is ideal for recreating scenes such as the Forbidden Corridor and the Chamber of Winged Keys, allowing you to act out the “Through the Trapdoor” scene. If you click on the Amazon picture of this set and focus on the figure of Professor Quirrell, you will realize that it is actually Voldemort. They must have mistakenly placed his head backwards, as Professor Quirrell has an innocent face while the picture shows Voldemort’s evil glare.

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  3. Donald J. Mcdonald

    I really love this Lego set because it has a cool feature where the mirror can be turned to reveal the Sorcerer’s Stone on one side. On the other side, there are figures of both Harry Potter and Professor Quirrell, who has a double head with Quirrell on one side and Voldemort on the other. It’s an awesome set!

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  4. mom_in_Austin

    I was pleased to discover a USED set (complete, no box) on AMAZON from a 3rd party seller (at a fair price, as some offers can be quite expensive). The shipping was prompt, and I received exactly what I had ordered. One aspect I appreciate is the ability to easily order discontinued items like this through Amazon without any concerns. I bought this set for my youngest son, mainly for the minifigs, as he has been collecting the Harry Potter figures. He enjoys both reading the books and playing with the LEGO figures. It brings me great joy to listen to him engage in imaginative play in his room, moving the characters around, giving each of them distinct voices, and even adding his own sound effects. It’s incredibly adorable!

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  5. Wesley Young

    As someone who collects Lego sets, I found this particular set to be quite basic and on the smaller side. However, I believe children will have endless opportunities for exploration and play with it. =)
    One of the nice features is a “mirror” that cleverly depicts Harry Potter holding the Sorceror’s stone or not, just like in the novels. It’s a sticker that changes the view depending on the angle you look at it, adding to the authenticity. Additionally, the Quirrel figure is impressive, with Voldemort’s face on his backside—a really cool and authentic detail.
    Considering the price and features, I did feel that the set was a little bit overpriced due to its limited scope and size.

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    Lego Harry Potter: The Ultimate Test (4702)
    Lego Harry Potter: The Ultimate Test (4702)

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