New 2020 LEGO Minifigures DC Super Heroes Series 71026 – Collectible Set (1 of 16) with Characters from DC Universe Comic Books (Single Mystery Bag)


Collect them all and unleash the power of the DC Universe with the LEGO Minifigures DC Super Heroes Series! Whether you’re a fan of Batman, Wonder Woman, or the Joker, these collectible minifigures will bring your favorite characters to life. Get ready for thrilling adventures and epic battles as you build your own DC Universe. Don’t miss out on this action-packed gift – order your mystery bag today and start your collection!



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The LEGO Minifigures DC Super Heroes Series 71026 Collectible Set is a must-have for all fans of the DC Universe comic books. Boasting a new and exciting lineup of characters, this collection is sure to ignite your imagination and bring your favorite heroes and villains to life.
Each mystery bag contains one of sixteen unique minifigures, making every pack a thrilling surprise. Will you unbox Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or perhaps the Joker? With so many legendary characters to collect, the possibilities are endless.
These minifigures are intricately designed with attention to detail, capturing the essence of these iconic superheroes and supervillains. You can recreate epic battles and create your own thrilling adventures with these highly posable and durable figures.
As with all LEGO products, the quality is unmatched. These minifigures are made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity without compromising on their charming aesthetic. They are the perfect addition to any LEGO collection or a great way to start a new one.
Bring the excitement of the DC Universe into your home with the LEGO Minifigures DC Super Heroes Series 71026 Collectible Set. Unlock each mystery bag and embark on an adventure that will captivate fans of all ages. Start building your superhero team today!

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  1. wjt

    This product is a complete rip-off! It is way too expensive and I could have purchased the same small package for a much lower price at Walmart. The description is misleading and I ended up paying $26 and some change for it. I strongly advise against buying it!

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  2. Erik

    These products are great, although it’s a shame that the recent Collectible Minifigure series, including this one and Collectible Minifigure Series 20, have increased in price to $4.99. It used to be $3.99 for a similar amount of pieces until recently. However, if you’re patient and shop around, you can find them slightly cheaper. I was able to purchase 3 for $2.49 during a sale on Amazon and Best Buy.
    While the higher MSRP may be disappointing, it’s important to note that anyone who looks at the photos alongside the item title and description should understand that they won’t be receiving 16 figures for $5. Lego is typically expensive, with a single minifigure usually worth around $3-4, even more if it’s rare or discontinued. The photos are not deceptive marketing; they simply showcase the entire collection that can be collected if desired. The title and description clearly state that you’re purchasing 1 blind bag of 16, meaning you won’t know which of the 16 figures you’ll get. Additionally, the box in the photos represents a case of 60 figures.
    There are only 3 surefire ways to guarantee getting all 16 figures:
    1) Find a listing on platforms like Amazon, Ebay, or Bricklink where someone is selling all 16 as a set (usually priced around $80-100).
    2) Buy an entire case of 60 figures, which can cost at least $225 and includes 3-5 of each figure. However, as availability decreases, case prices may increase.
    3) Use a “feel guide” that helps you identify the parts inside the bag by feeling them. Each minifigure has unique characteristics (such as hair texture or accessory item) that can help you determine its identity without opening the bag. This method can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, and you might receive some odd looks in the store, but it can be done. provides helpful Collectible Minifigure Series reviews and feel guides. Additionally, when purchasing in-store, the 3-per-customer restriction might not be strictly enforced.
    I do believe that Lego’s MSRP prices are gradually increasing, perhaps due to inflation, which is unfortunate. However, I felt compelled to write this review after seeing multiple reviews with unrealistic expectations of receiving 16 minifigures for $5. If you come across such prices, they are likely counterfeit Lego, which is always of poor quality. Lego is expensive for a reason – it offers high quality.

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  3. tim Dryer

    Everything was perfect. I would definitely order from them again. The product arrived on time and matched the description exactly as they had claimed.

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  4. Christa B.

    I typically rely on reviews, but I somehow missed this particular one… I genuinely believed that I was going to receive the set of 16. I purchased 3 of them with the expectation of having fantastic party favors, only to be disappointed when they arrived and there were only 3 out of the supposed 16.

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  5. James

    These DC super hero figures are of the highest quality. I am particularly impressed with the golden age Flash, as the addition of lightning bolts enhances its overall appeal.
    However, I must admit that my experience with the Batman figure was slightly less satisfactory. One of the capes in my set was damaged, but Lego promptly addressed the issue by sending a replacement cape without any hassle. Additionally, the plastic used for the torso may be of slightly lower quality compared to other parts. While these are minor grievances, I still rate this product 5 out of 5.
    My main criticism lies with the pricing of the individual bags. At the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, they are a bit too expensive for an impulsive purchase. This price point places them just beyond the range of what I consider a spontaneous buy.
    I have come across a few complaints about receiving duplicate figures in blind bags. Fortunately, I did not encounter this problem with the figures I purchased. However, I have faced similar issues with other blind bags. Based on my observations (which I’m sure others have also made), it appears that some individuals are buying large quantities and returning the ones they don’t want, as the characters can be felt through the packaging. To prevent excessive exploitation of this practice, Amazon should consider implementing a reasonable limit on returns per account, such as three bags.

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    New 2020 LEGO Minifigures DC Super Heroes Series 71026 – Collectible Set (1 of 16) with Characters from DC Universe Comic Books (Single Mystery Bag)
    New 2020 LEGO Minifigures DC Super Heroes Series 71026 – Collectible Set (1 of 16) with Characters from DC Universe Comic Books (Single Mystery Bag)

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