TOSY Flying Disc – Vibrant 16 Million Color RGB or 36/360 LEDs, Super Bright, Intelligent Modes, Automatic Illumination, Rechargeable, Exciting and Fun Christmas, Birthday &…


Get the TOSY Flying Disc – the ultimate flying disc experience! With 16 million color RGB or 36 or 360 LEDs, this disc is insanely bright and looks super cool when thrown outdoors at night. Easily select the brightness level and timer mode you want with its smart modes and motion sensors. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so you can enjoy hours of fun with just a 30-minute charge. Upgrade your disc games and make it a memorable Christmas, birthday, or camping gift. Don’t miss out on this game-changer disc – get yours now!



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Introducing the TOSY Flying Disc – the ultimate light-up disc for endless fun and excitement! Whether you’re looking for a cool gift for Christmas, a birthday surprise, or a must-have camping accessory, this flying disc will take your outdoor activities to the next level.
Featuring an astonishing 16 million color RGB or 36 or 360 LEDs, this disc illuminates the night sky with its vibrant and mesmerizing lights. Imagine the thrill as it glides through the air, leaving trails of vivid colors behind. It’s an unforgettable sight that will capture the attention of everyone around you.
Equipped with smart modes, the TOSY Flying Disc offers a variety of lighting effects to suit any mood or occasion. Choose from pulsating patterns, gradient colors, or steady illumination. With just a press of a button, you can easily switch between different modes and create an ambiance that matches your style.
Gone are the days of worrying about running out of batteries. This flying disc is rechargeable, allowing you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted playtime. It comes with a convenient charging cable, ensuring that you’re always ready for your next adventure.
With its compact dimensions of 10.75 x 10.71 x 1.38 inches and lightweight design of only 175 grams, this disc is easy to carry and fits perfectly in your backpack or travel bag. Take it with you to the beach, park, or any outdoor gathering and become the center of attention. The TOSY Flying Disc is designed for both kids and adults, providing endless entertainment for everyone.
Produced by RoboFi LLC, a trusted manufacturer, and brand in the industry, you can be confident in the quality and durability of this product. The 36 LED version comes in a stunning Jade color, making it even more eye-catching and unique.
Experience the thrill of flying and the magic of lights with the TOSY Flying Disc. It’s not just a disc, it’s a whole new level of fun and excitement. Get yours today and light up the night sky like never before.

Specification: TOSY Flying Disc – Vibrant 16 Million Color RGB or 36/360 LEDs, Super Bright, Intelligent Modes, Automatic Illumination, Rechargeable, Exciting and Fun Christmas, Birthday &…

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎10.75 x 10.71 x 1.38 inches

Package Weight

‎0.26 Kilograms

Item Weight

‎175 Grams

Brand Name


Model Name

‎36 LED version


‎Jade (36 Leds)


‎RoboFi LLC

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  1. Dirty Bird

    I am giving this product 5 stars, but there are a few areas of improvement worth discussing. I purchased the purple 360 version without having the 36 to compare it to. Upon closer inspection, the color appears more pink, but from a distance of 50+ yards, it looks like a light purple. The brightness levels do not affect this color perception.
    One aspect I love about this product is the variety of settings for brightness levels and timers. Both versions should have this feature, although they currently do not. It’s a bit disappointing. However, I believe you get what you pay for in this case.
    I noticed that the maximum brightness level does not last long after a full charge. It usually only lasts 5-10 minutes before automatically dimming down to the next level. Eventually, it will dim down to the low setting and then flash when the battery is running low.
    However, this dimming issue wasn’t a problem at night. In pitch darkness, the low setting provided sufficient brightness, as others have stated. We enjoyed at least an hour of playtime before the battery was completely drained. It’s worth noting that we started with the max brightness level. Your experience may vary, but starting with a lower brightness setting and shorter timer should extend the battery life. Our timer was originally set to 30 seconds, but we eventually decreased it to 8 seconds.
    We used this frisbee at the beach, and it performed very well in windy conditions. The weight was ideal, and it even survived hitting the ocean water a few times without any issues. However, we made sure to quickly retrieve it from the water.
    The charging time took approximately an hour, and it included a very short USB-C to USB-C cable, which is a nice feature. Nevertheless, I wish the cable was longer, as it didn’t reach the wall outlet comfortably when the frisbee was hanging off of it. However, you can always use a different cable if you have one. Considering the price, the cable should be longer.
    At night, the settings were clearly visible with a small green light next to each one. The buttons were easy to press, although we occasionally pressed them accidentally.
    There are a few improvements I would like to see. The LED lights are visible on the edges, which is cool, but it would be even better to have a diffuse layer on the rim with multiple colors of LEDs. This way, the color would be distributed more evenly. An RGB version of this product would be amazing.
    Additionally, a larger battery would be a welcome enhancement. Finding a way to distribute the weight while doubling down on the battery capacity would be great. It would also be beneficial to add the same timer settings to the 36 version, if they haven’t already.
    Lastly, I have noticed the responses, but I encourage the manufacturer to continue working on an RGB version. There are plenty of similar products available, but this one would be exceptional with RGB capabilities.
    To summarize, whether this product is worth the money depends on your specific needs and application. It held up admirably well with four people throwing it in sand and salt water. It is bright and easily visible at night, flies excellently, and seems very sturdy. If you only plan to use it occasionally, I would suggest opting for one of the glow-in-the-dark brands with RGB capabilities. They are not as bright or durable, but they are really cool at night and also fly well. However, if you are an avid frisbee or ultimate frisbee player, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy this product.

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  2. Derek


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  3. Nicolas Glaude

    This product is worth every penny. It provides a load of fun.

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  4. Dirty Bird

    Preface: As someone who has enjoyed playing with Frisbees since childhood, I was excited to come across the TOSY LED disks while searching for unique gifts. I ended up ordering 8 of them in various colors as Christmas presents, and they did not disappoint. Here are my thoughts on the TOSY UltraLED 360 LED Ultimate Disk:
    The Disks: These disks are 10.5″ in diameter and weigh around 175 grams. They are made of thick and durable plastic. The white disks are solid white, while the black ones have silver speckling. The topside of the disk has ribbing for grip and structural integrity. The TOSY branding and LED color are also incorporated into the design, giving it a sharp look. The rim is made of a softer material that provides good grip and protects the LEDs.
    Electronics: The electronics and controls are well-designed and integrated on the underside of the disk. There is a USB-C port for recharging the integrated 300 mAh Lithium battery (50 mAh on the 36-LED models). The port is covered by a rubber plug to keep out dirt and moisture, which is tethered to the disk to prevent loss. The LEDs are embedded around the rim and well-protected. The disk is said to be waterproof, but it’s best to avoid prolonged exposure to water.
    Controls and Indicators: The disk has two flush buttons on the electronics module with tiny green LEDs for current settings. There is also a power indicator LED that shows the battery level. The left button controls the brightness level, offering 6 options (including no light for the 36-LED models), and the right button controls the light duration modes. There are also “Ultimate” modes where the LED blinks for a set amount of time. The controls are flush, so it’s unlikely to accidentally press them.
    Tosy Listens: Tosy has listened to customer feedback and made improvements. Both the 36-LED and 360 models now include a “Lost Mode” where the disk flashes after a toss to make it easier to find. The rim material has also been changed to act as a diffuser and distribute the light more uniformly.
    Phosphorescent Bonus: The newest models have a rim that is not only a diffuser but also self-illuminates for a time after exposure to light.
    Colors: The disks come in green, blue, purple, and red. Green, blue, and red are vivid and accurately rendered. The purple model has more of a pinkish tone. These disks are bright and cool, and they will definitely catch people’s attention when you start using them.
    Charging and Use: Charging a 360 LED model takes around 30-45 minutes, with the power LED indicating the charging status. The brightness settings affect the battery life, and lower settings provide longer battery life. With Lost Mode available, setting the duration to 0 is fine as you can easily find the disk even in total darkness. The battery can last for 500+ throws on a charge.
    Durability: So far, the disks have held up well, even with kids playing with them. They are recommended for use on grass, but their durability with repeated impacts into buildings or pavement is unknown.
    Auto Off and Lock Mode: The disk enters standby mode after 10 minutes of non-use, and it can be reactivated by pressing any button or tossing it. There is also a lock mode to save battery life and prevent accidental activation.
    Customer Service: I had a positive experience with TOSY’s customer service when I received an older model without the Lost Mode feature. They responded quickly and replaced it with the latest model.
    Pros: These disks are bright, cool, and awesome for playing in the dark. The customer service is great.
    Cons: None identified so far.
    Conclusion: While these disks may be more expensive compared to regular Frisbees, they are worth it. The well-designed electronics and features, along with their excellent flying capabilities, make them a great choice. It’s a fun way to get kids outside and active. Whether you choose the 360 LED or the 36-LED model, the TOSY UltraLED Ultimate Disks offer a new and enjoyable way to play with a Frisbee.

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  5. Michael F.

    *Revised Review*
    After using this frisbee for about 4 times within the 30-day period, I noticed that water had somehow seeped inside the frisbee, even though it was advertised as being waterproof and not water-resistant. This was disappointing. Additionally, the charging port connection became very loose, causing the lights to behave erratically each time I plugged and unplugged the charging port. Surprisingly, I hadn’t even had to charge it until now.
    On the positive side, the frisbee itself is durable, sturdy, and has a professional weight that allows it to fly nicely. However, the electronics inside seem to have issues. I noticed that another person had a similar problem. If the company addresses and fixes these issues, I would consider it a great product. Unfortunately, since my 30-day return period has expired, I cannot provide a higher rating at this time.
    *Update 1*
    I’m pleasantly surprised that the company issued a refund even after the 30-day return period. This demonstrates good customer service, and I’m raising my rating to 4 stars as a result.
    *Update 2*
    The seller not only provided a full refund, but they also reached out to me and offered to send a free replacement for the faulty frisbee. I will update this review further once I receive and test the replacement.

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    TOSY Flying Disc – Vibrant 16 Million Color RGB or 36/360 LEDs, Super Bright, Intelligent Modes, Automatic Illumination, Rechargeable, Exciting and Fun Christmas, Birthday &…
    TOSY Flying Disc – Vibrant 16 Million Color RGB or 36/360 LEDs, Super Bright, Intelligent Modes, Automatic Illumination, Rechargeable, Exciting and Fun Christmas, Birthday &…

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